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Praise for Dog, Inc.

“In Dog, Inc. John Woestendiek deliciously lampoons the unholy combination of consumer culture, emotional indulgence and scientific chicanery that lie at the heart of the cloning movement, and yet somehow, in the process, he reminds us why we love our pets so much to begin with.”
Jim Gorant, author of The Lost Dogs, Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption

“Here is John Woestendiek at his best, sniffing along a trail to find a fascinating story you never heard of, and writing it in a way you’ll never forget.”
Steve Lopez, author of The Soloist

“It’s a shame we can’t clone more John Woestendiek’s. Dog, Inc. is one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time.”
Kinky Friedman, author of Kinky Friedman’s Guide to Texas Etiquette.

“It’s all dog-eat-dog in the competitive, and too often questionable, world of cloning. If you’ve loved and lost a pet and wished to have it back, read this amazing story. You’ll think twice. Or three times. Or four.”
Carol Prisant, author of DOG HOUSE: A Love Story

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“With an engrossing cast of opportunists, scientists, eccentrics, and their pets, John Woestendiek’s story of dogs and cloning eases its readers into a rope-tug with questions about life, death, and compassion. Fascinating, funny, and sometimes frightening, DOG, INC. is a necessary book because we still love dogs, science presses on, and this story’s end waits to be written.”
Michael Downs, author of House of Good Hope, winner of the River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Award

“Preposterous Franken-science or groundbreaking technology? A Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter examines the pros and cons of dog cloning in the 21st century … Woestendiek adroitly juxtaposes the inherent seriousness of the animal-human connection with the inanity of people who fork over big bucks for pet funerals, taxidermy, mummification and freeze-drying … Thought-provoking and often droll.”
Kirkus Reviews

“This Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and Ohmidog.com blogger’s book has quite an entertaining cast of characters … Dog cloning may never be much more than an expensive assisted-reproductive technology. But the ethics of and expectations for animal cloning are well worth examining and deliberating, and Woestendiek has produced an accessible and readable account of its ongoing history and relatively limited successes … A valuable contribution illuminating the hubris and futility of trying to replicate dead pets (or people) …”
Library Journal

"John Woestendiek's outstanding look at dog cloning explores what goes down when science, personal loss, and financial opportunism collide." -- Parade

"The most fantastic book. It's like watching a Coen brothers movie." -- Tracie Hotchner, Dog Talk Radio

"Investigative reporter Woestendiek weaves together bizarrely interesting tales of rich pet owners, Korean and American scientists, ethics, and a petting zoo full of loved animals (including dogs, cats, and a Brahman bull). As readers follow the journeys of pet owners who sought to replace their companion animals with a new but genetically identical generation, they will meet a former beauty queen and kidnapping suspect who defied court custody orders and took her children around the world in order to keep them, and a pair of Korean scientists who finally succeeded in producing the first cloned dogs alongside serious allegations of scientific fraud. Woestendiek turns complex genetics into an interesting study for the layperson in a book that provides scientific background, technology update, and shock value all in one. From explaining the X-inactivation that foiled the results of the first cloned cat to relaying the story of Booger, a stray dog that learned to provide service to his injured mistress, Woestendiek educates as he entertains. Though this effort will particularly interest readers on both sides of the cloning issue, Woestendiek's conversational prose, added to the sometimes astonishing circumstances he uncovered, will entertain a wide audience." -- Publishers Weekly

"The inside story behind the costly quest to clone dogs reveals at least as much about human nature as it does about copying man's best friend." -- Alan Boyle, MSNBC.com

"Dog, Inc. explores the curious history of pet cloning, from its roots in a 1928 experiment in which a German biologist replicated a salamander, to the present, when scientists are only too willing to help doting dog-owners reanimate their canine companions." -- Mother Jones

"Not just another dog book at all! Dog, Inc. is a book about science, big business and commerce, merchandising and salesmanship, morality and ethics, as well as the love we have for our dogs. This book proves that truth is stranger than (science) fiction. Once you pick it up you'll have a hard time putting it down. And when you do put it down, you'll find yourself returning time and again to the issues it raises." -- Susan B. Kottwitz, Talking Dogs Blog, (Amazon.com review)

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